Digital solutions to small companies

Web development, hosting and maintenance made easy.

We deliver exceptional digital results to small businesses with minimalistic web design. Get an online presence on par with the big brands at an affordable price.

Fast and Light

Adaptive and fast iterating methods

Streamlined Design

Minimalist web design


Web hosting and long-term support

More Clients

  • Less work: Automated management
  • Online presence and a digital brand
  • Stand out from the competition

Unlock Your Digital Potential

Our Products

  • eCommerce Web Development
  • Website Web Development
  • Consulting and targeted solutions


All our website packages come with a comprehensive brand package

Desarrollo Web

Professional web development services tailored to your needs.

Consulting and solutions

Special consulting and digital solutions for small businesses, simplifying complexities to offer practical, actionable insights.


Our services cover hosting and maintenance. Enjoy a hassle-free experience, offering diverse solutions and forging a long-term relationship with us.


Minimalist, contemporary design. A personal brand package for websites, Instagram, and TikTok. Emphasizing functionality, we ensure a seamless, compelling brand presence across platforms, fostering meaningful connections.

Web development

We excel in comprehensive web development, focusing on user-centric design and robust functionality. Our commitment lies in crafting fast and light, user-friendly websites, ensuring an optimal digital experience.

Consulting and solutions

Our specialized consulting services cater specifically to small businesses, understanding the unique challenges they face. We focus on simplifying complexities, offering practical and tailored consulting services aimed at empowering small companies to achieve tangible growth.

Maintainance and hosting services

Our web development services encompass hosting, long-term server management, and maintenance. Our holistic approach ensures a long lasting relationship between our clients and us.

100% Green Servers

Our company proudly utilizes 100% green servers, exclusively powered by renewable energy. Committed to sustainable hosting, we minimize our carbon footprint, ensuring environmentally responsible and energy-efficient server infrastructure to power your online presence.

Why Choose INNOKODE?

Modern Design

Minimalist and fast websites with contemporary designs.

Fast Turnaround​

80% of our projects are delivered within two weeks.

Reliable Quality

Unlimited revisions and long-term support.

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